Thanks to the nice people at, I can track my listening habits and display them for all of the world to see.  Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “Tunes”

  1. 1 Ben Rogerson

    I take full credit for DBT (recall that first, delicious listen at 907 Dawes Street), Tom Waits (and it’s about time), and Spoon (but only the old Spoon, because I’m old school and cool).

  2. 2 Meghan

    Wait – so I have BEN to thank for introducing me to Spoon? And here I thought Eric was this cool music guy… when it was Ben all along. However, thanks for introducing me to the Shins. They’ve changed my life :)

  3. 3 Ben Rogerson

    Wow. Of all the bands in the world, the Shins changed Meghan’s life. If I ever run into her again, I’ll have to show her how velcro works.

  4. Better The Shins than Shellac…

  5. 5 Ben Rogerson

    Given your new non-girliness re: music, I think you’d really like Shellac. Try ‘At Action Park.’

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